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If a couple is interested in each other in marriage, but the Wali doesn’t want the sister to get married until a certain age. I know that the Prophet encouraged marriage at a young age to protect the chastity of the youngsters. He also said that the one seeking marriage has the right from Allah swt to be helped. How does Islam view that position of the Wali?

And is the sister allowed to get married without the Walee’s acceptance due to the situation?

Does a divorced woman need a wali to marry again?

Answer :

A wali’s permission is very important for marriage. According to many jurists, the marriage is not even valid without the permission of the wali. 

If a girl has reached the age of marriage but has a wali that doesn’t permit her to get married then she should contact the local authorities, the Qadi or the Hakim (ruler) and make a decision in this situation. In case she is living in a non-Muslim country where there are no Muslim Qadis, then she should consult the local Imam in her area of residence.

A Wali has nothing to do with a virgin or a non-virgin woman. A Wali is needed in order to help the woman from not being deceived or misguided in accepting the proposed husband. A Wali doesn’t mean that he has power over her will, rather, he is helpful in his sincerity and devotion, and because he can know more about this man more than the woman could.

Source : Islamicislamic
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