Dates (Treasure Of Health)

Abu Dhabi: Nutritional values of dates are widely known but everyone many not be aware of their rich medicinal properties.

Premium dates, such as Ajwa, have been known for their healing properties from harmful diseases, a senior official told Gulf News.

Tonic-like effect: The date has a general tonic-like effect that treats anaemia and protects against nervous disorders due to its high percentage of sugar and potassium, said Salah Abdullah Al Mousa, acting director, Agricultural Research at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCE).

Post-pregnancy periods: The glycine and threonine in dates help the womb to contract at delivery and secrete hormones that stimulate lactation for breast-feeding women (such as the prolactin hormone), Al Mousa informed.

Heart disease: Dates reduce the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries. It is among the foods that help treat and prevent increased blood cholesterol by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal tract because it contains soluble pectin, Al Mousa said.

Flavonoids: The date skin contains a high level of flavonoids, which act as antioxidants and as stimulus and catalyst for the heart by strengthening the walls of the blood vessels, prevent capillary permeability and bleeding and act as anti-fungi, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-cancer agent, the official said.

Cellulose: Date skin also contains cellulose fibres, which activate the bowel movement, and helps to treat chronic constipation.

Immune system: The date is also rich in many compounds that enhance the immune system, Al Mousa said

Dates (treasure of health)

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