Marriage of a man and a woman. It happened and may their life be full of happiness, Masha Allah

Marriage is considered a legal contract and union requiring consent from both the bride and groom. The Quran endorses marriage, making mention of the rights, conduct, and values that encompass a successful and happy married life. This article explores 8 verses of the Quran about marriage.

The Quran establishes marriage as a highly recommended act, conveyed as a priority. This verse endorses marriage to each and every person who is single, specifically mentioning the quality of being righteous. This refers to not only having the correct attitude and mindset, but also having the capabilities necessary to fulfil the responsibilities of marriage. This verse teaches that wealth should not be considered a source of anxiety nor a barrier to marriage. In some cases one may find that a suitor is rejected on the basis of wealth and that some families prevent their children from seeking marriage unless a particular income is earned. However, the character of a potential spouse is more enduring than wealth.

Wealth is never guaranteed and tends to fluctuate as life goes on. This verse provides assurance that Allah is ever-aware and a reliable helper. Therefore, marrying or seeking marriage with the correct intention can open doors. However, if one is in the position of being unable to fulfill the rights of a potential spouse nor afford necessities required for living, then seeking marriage can be postponed. The one who cannot afford marriage is encouraged to fast, an act that safeguards chastity and earns rewards that can facilitate the road to marriage

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