When you ask people living abroad, they answer

Friends who have already studied abroad can be some of your best resources when preparing to study abroad. They will have months of memories and stories worth sharing, and advice on how to get from choosing a program to making the most of your experience of a lifetime.

However, it’s often hard to verbalize all of those experiences when most people vaguely ask “how was it?” When you sit down to learn all the details about study abroad from a friend who has already been there, done that, do yourself – and your friend – a favor and ask questions that prompt a deeper conversation that will actually prepare you!

To get you started, here are 68 questions better than “how was study abroad?” on everything from planning & predeparture to food, travel, housing, and more!
Planning & Predeparture

Did you always know you wanted to study abroad?
What made you want to study abroad in your location?
How did you pick your program?
What did you pack that you definitely didn’t need?
What were you excited about and/or nervous about before you left?

Academics & Language

When You Ask People Living Abroad,They Answer

How were classes different there from classes here?
Which class was your favorite?
What is your favorite phrase/word to say in the language you learned?
What advice do you have for immersing yourself in a new language?

When You Ask People Living Abroad,They Answer

What was the food like?
What new foods did you try?
What is the weirdest thing you ate?
What kind of food did you miss

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