Allah’s punishment on the people of Lot

And We sent Lot as a prophet, then remember when he said to his people, have you become so indecent that you do obscene things that no one in the world has done before you? You fulfill your desire with men except women, the fact is that you are a transgressive people.

But the answer of his people was nothing but that, get these people out of their settlements, they are becoming great purists. Finally, We saved Lot and his family… except his wife who was among those who stayed behind, and we sent down a rain on this nation, then look what happened to those criminals. Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Among his people, only his nephew Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) believed in him. He migrated from Iraq with his uncle and spent some time in Syria, Palestine and Egypt with Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) to gain experience in dawah and preaching. Then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala exalted him to the position of a prophet and we gave command and knowledge to Lot and he was appointed to reform the people of Sodom. Hazrat Lut (AS) was young when he arrived here, and when the punishment came upon this nation, his children were young. Hazrat Lot’s arrival here was a source of happiness for the people of Sodom that they would accept his call for reform and become morally exalted and happy. It seems that they gladly accepted the arrival of Hazrat Lut (AS) because Hazrat Lut (AS) was the owner of high morals and character and married his daughter and made him his son-in-law (that is why the Qur’an calls them the people of Lut (AS)). ),

Allah Ta’ala blessed them with this good start. It is written in the Jewish book Talmud that apart from Sodom, they had four other big cities, and the area between these cities was so lush that as far as the eye could see, only one garden could be seen. Seeing Jamal, man used to get mad. But he did not accept the moral restrictions that Hazrat Lot (AS) used to impose on him. According to the Holy Qur’an, they were already doing very bad things. They thought that by obeying the words of Hazrat Lot, their happiness would not last, but it would end. First they spoiled their dealings with the Gentiles. It is written in the Talmud that once an Elamite traveler was passing through their territory. On the way, evening fell and he had to stop at their city of Sodom. He had his merchandise and his food and drink with him. He did not ask for hospitality from anyone, just alighted under a tree. But a Sodomite insistently picked him up and took him home. The night kept him with him and before dawn he blew away his donkey with its saddle and merchandise. he shouted,

But no one heard his cry, instead the people of the village robbed him of all his belongings and kicked him out. After recounting several such incidents, the author of the Talmud writes that in their daily lives these people were cruel, deceitful and evil-doers. No traveler could safely pass through their territory. No poor person could get a piece of bread from their settlements. It often happened that an outsider would come to their territory and starve to death, and they would take off his clothes and bury his body naked. If the foreign traders went there because of shamat, they would be looted publicly and their cries would be laughed at. Once, Hazrat Sara sent her slave to Sodom to inquire about the welfare of Hazrat Lot’s family. When he entered the city, he saw a Sodomite killing a stranger. He shamed him that you do this to poor travelers! But in response, his head was torn off. Once a poor man came to their town from nowhere and nobody gave him anything to eat. He was starving and fell down in a place when the daughter of Hazrat Lot saw him and brought food for him. On this, Hazrat Lot and his daughter were severely reprimanded and threatened that you people cannot live in our town with these actions. He made his valley a garden

The chain of which was spread for miles. In this garden, they used to commit immorality with extreme immorality and no language was going to reprimand them except one Lot. In the Holy Qur’an, this whole story has been summed up in just two sentences, that they were doing very bad things before and you fulfill your desires with men, you hit the way of travelers and you commit immorality openly in your gatherings. be It should be known that this was a happy nation, intoxicated in its happiness and it could not see the signs of its destruction and destruction from far away. But today even the name of this nation is not in the world. Now only the Dead Sea remains as a monument of it, which is still called the Sea of Lut. Hazrat Lut asked them: And among your wives do you leave what your Lord has created for you? It means that to fulfill this desire, leaving the wives whom God created, you use unnatural means, i.e. men, for this purpose. Another meaning can also be that you take an unnatural path by leaving the natural path that God had placed in these wives to fulfill this desire. In this second meaning, it is indicated that those cruel people used to commit acts against nature even with their women, and it may also be that they were ignorant to prevent the population from increasing due to the fear of their happiness becoming extinct or ending. For this movement
I do It was the biggest crime of this nation due to which

The punishment of God descended upon him. Wicked people have never stopped committing it, but this nation used to commit it openly and did not consider it a shameful act. Today in the West it is allowed or strongly advocated for in the name of human freedom, but nowhere is it considered proud and the perpetrator is looked down upon, and pitiable. And considered sick. The fact is that we have sex completely against nature. Allah Ta’ala has created couples for the survival of the human race so that these two together form a family and then the society grows and flourishes. For this purpose, he made man and woman into two separate sexes, made them attracted to each other, made their physical structure and psychological composition exactly according to each other’s needs, and made them provide comfort, comfort and peace to each other. Made a source of enjoyment. The pleasure in this combination is a source of survival as well as a monetary reward for service to both. But a person who, by acting contrary to this scheme of nature, obtains sensual pleasure from his own sex, commits several crimes at the same time. The first crime: He harms his body, self and soul by acting against his physical constitution and psychological need

destroys morality to which it has no right, because it is not of its making. The second crime: By the force through which he derives pleasure, he turns his back on the natural system of survival and runs away from his duties and responsibilities and betrays the natural system. The family through which he was born, brought up, but when his turn came, instead of shouldering the burden of rights and duties and responsibilities, he used his powers selfishly in a way that destroyed the family.

. Third Offense: He disqualifies himself for the service of race and family and causes unnatural effeminacy for at least one male, and sexual immorality and immorality for at least two females. It opens the door of humiliation. It is only mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that the action of the people of Lut is the worst sin for which a nation was caught in the wrath of Allah Ta’ala. After that, we came to know from the guidance of the Prophet, peace be upon him, that this is a crime from which it is one of the duties of the Islamic government to try to keep the society clean. But since there was no such case during the time of the Prophet,


it could not be determined exactly how to punish him. Some jurists recommend the same punishment for this crime as for adultery, that is, an unmarried person will be given a hundred lashes and exiled, and a married person will be stoned. In the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifah, there is no limit on this, but this act deserves to be legislated, depending on the circumstances and needs, a severe punishment can be given to him. May Allah be our supporter and helper. Ameen.

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