The unprecedented incident of moving the graves of two Companions

A strange and faith-inspiring incident took place in the same century (which is now the last century) with the shrines of Hazrat Huzaifa bin Yaman (RA) and Abdullah bin Jabir (RA) which is known to very few people today. I heard this incident for the first time from Mr. Maulana Zafarullah Ansari. Then the Director of Public Relations of the Ministry of Awqaf in Baghdad, Mr. Khairullah Hadithi, also briefly mentioned it.

This is the incident of 1929. At that time there was a monarchy in Iraq. The graves of Hazrat Huzaifah bin Yaman (RA) and Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jabir (RA) were not here (in the premises of Jami Masjid Salman Farsi) at that time. Rather, it was located at a place between the Tigris River and the Salman Mosque at a considerable distance from here.

In 1929, the king of time saw in a dream that Hazrat Huzaifa bin Yaman (RA) and Hazrat Abdullah bin Jabir (RA) were telling him that water is coming into our graves, so arrange it properly. The King of Time ordered that a place be dug between the Tigris river and the graves to see if the water of the Tigris is coming internally to the graves or not. Excavation was done but no signs of water leakage were found. So the king dismissed the incident as a dream.

But after that the same dream appeared again probably more than once, which caused great concern to the king and he gathered the scholars and narrated this incident to them. It seems that at that time a scholar in Iraq also stated that he had seen exactly the same dream. At that time, after consultation and discussion, it was decided that the graves of the two elders should be opened and if water is coming, their bodies should be moved to another place. Scholars of that time also agreed with this opinion.


Because this was the first event in history to open the graves of the two great saints of the early centuries, i.e. the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace. Therefore, the government of Iraq organized it very well. A date was fixed for this so that people could participate in the process. Coincidentally, that date was close to the days of Hajj. When the news of this intention reached Hijaz, the people who had come there for Hajj requested the government of Iraq to postpone this date a little so that those who want to come to Iraq after completing Hajj. They can come. So the government of Iraq fixed a date after Hajj.

On the appointed date, not only inside Iraq, but also from other countries, the people were so shocked that the government installed large screens far and wide to show everyone the process so that those who could not see the process directly at the grave could do so. See its reflection on these screens.

In this way, these blessed graves were opened and the sea of thousands of people saw this amazing scene with their own eyes that despite the passage of almost thirteen centuries, the blessed bodies of the two saints were healthy and fresh. Rather, a non-Muslim ophthalmologist was present there. He saw the dead body and said that they still had that glow which cannot be present in the eyes of a dead person after some time of death. So that person became a Muslim after seeing this scene.

Before moving the body of Mubarak, a place was prepared near Hazrat Salman Farsi Mosque. To take it there, the dead body was placed on a funeral pyre, long bamboos were tied to it and thousands of people had the privilege of shouldering it. Thus, the graves of both the elders are now built at this present place.

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